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Ray Ban, Cartier, Porsche, Chopard and other top Products are our top Brands. Extravagant and Exclusive Models for Successful People like you! Brillenschatz offers you Extraordinary Materials. Whether Frames made of Buffalo Horn, fine Gold or Wood, just look at our pages!

2809 Terminator 2

By far the most famous Steampunk-styled Matsuda sunglasses. An extremely rare model, which was famously worn by Linda Hamilton (Sarah Conor) in the legendary action movie "Terminator 2“.


Legendary Cartier vintage sunglasses that were worn by Roger Moore in "James Bond" 1985, Michael Douglas as "Gordon Gekko" in "Wall Street" 1987, as well as rap icon Jay-Z. This model was fitted with new gold mirrored lenses that offer complete UV protection.

1945 Chanel

Iconic Chanel vintage sunglasses regularly worn by Pharrell Williams, Rihanna and countless other celebrities. An exquisite and very hard to find piece of eyewear.

1455 Lady Gaga

Very rare Chanel vintage sunglasses fitted with a gold chain on the upper frame. Created by designer legend Karl Lagerfeld, and famously worn by pop icon Lady Gaga, it is one of the most sought after models from Chanel.

Arche 3

Hand painted Casanova eyeglasses from the strictly limited to 300-piece Arche 3 series. This model is an absolute must-have for every collector and is basically a priceless museum piece. This legendary work of art stands out with its unique design.

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